Martyn Ravenhill Describes What Vacation Ownership is About

Martyn Ravenhill Describes What Vacation Ownership is About

Jul 05

Martyn Ravenhill understands that Vacation Ownership Investments are not for everyone.  For one thing, not everyone likes to travel. It doesn’t matter if it’s very close to their home or it is far away, many prefer to stay in their comfort zones and can’t stray much further than their front door.

Are you adventurous with a young spirit?   Are you a well-educated, successful young person who has wisely put aside money for your yearly vacation?  Are you ambitious and working hard to achieve your goals?  Martyn Ravenhill knows that you would be just the sort of person who might be able to take full advantage of ownership in the Timeshare/Vacation Ownership Industry.

Investing in a timeshare/vacation club is a very rewarding feeling.  It is something you can always count on to be there for you in an unsettling world such as ours.  A beautiful place on the beach, or in the mountains, waiting for you to come back to enjoy all that your hard work that has provided you, who would complain about that?

The familiar has a draw like little else.   But there are some who become restless at the thought of the same beautiful oceans and yearn for something new and exciting.   Thankfully the vacation club industry has come up with a clever plan.  They are called exchange clubs and they allow you to interchange your timeshare plan for another one clear around the world.  Martyn Ravenhill understands that usually no one complains about more flexibility in their lives!

Martyn Ravenhill of Lloydshare Limited Presents Goes Over Travel Precautions

Martyn Ravenhill of Lloydshare Limited Presents Goes Over Travel Precautions

Jun 10

Martyn Ravenhill of Lloydshare Limited recommends learning from theses top 5 precautions every solo traveler know

  1. The first precaution every solo traveler should take when traveling outside of their home country is to be cautious and aware of your surroundings.  Get a good night sleep the night before and avoid alcohol so you can remain alert.
  2. Martyn Ravenhill of Lloydshare Limited knows that if you are frequently going to be traveling alone, you might consider making an investment in a timeshare/vacation club.  Once you make that initial investment; every time you travel to your timeshare you will be experiencing the familiar in what may at first seem unfamiliar.
  3. Always remember to leave your itinerary with a relative or trusted friend.   If you are an independent person you might forget this little detail but it is an important one.
  4. Make a copy of your passport and leave it in your suitcase.   In case you lose your passport, the copy will help immigration or the Consulate get you a new one.  Your native drivers’ license is usually sufficient as an ID, so you can go ahead and put your passport and jewelry and extra money in your room safe.  No safe?  The hotel should have one or you shouldn’t be staying there.
  5. Whenever you leave your timeshare or vacation club, the concierge will sometimes jot down the number of the taxi you are taking.  This is a precaution you should take as well.   Martyn Ravenhill of Lloydshare Limited recommends that you get your taxi drivers name and number because if he was pleasant, and you want a return ride, you will now have the information to call your own trusted taxi who knows where your timeshare is located.
Martyn Ravenhill of Lloydshare Defines the Differences between Annuities

Martyn Ravenhill of Lloydshare Defines the Differences between Annuities

May 13

Martyn Ravenhill of Lloydshare asks if you really know what the difference is between a deferred annuity and a regular annuity?  Without going into too many details, the deferred annuity reimbursement is put off or delayed until a maturity date in the future and the regular annuity is paid out on an annual basis beginning the first year.

A regular annuity is a contract between an individual (annuitant) and an insurance company, guaranteeing annual payments in return for a single lump sum.   Annuities have been around for centuries but their usage has changed greatly in the last several years.   The most common annuities presently are the deferred annuities which allow the investor to make tax free investments, avoiding capital gains until a date in the future when perhaps their tax basis will be less.  At that time their investment will be withdrawn and taxed as ordinary income.

Annuities have always been a very popular way of insuring ones money.  They are very adaptable.  They can be used immediately or deferred for use as a pension or a living will or even to invest in charities.  In the last ten years another usage has come about.    Martyn Ravenhill with Lloydshare Limited has developed the SPDA for the timeshare/vacation club industry.   This is a Single Premium Deferred Annuity which is a brilliant idea combining the timeshare with an annuity that returns your entire initial investment when your timeshare period is finished.

If anyone of you has ever thought that buying a timeshare was a rip-off or worse yet a scam;  you will never think that again.   This form of a deferred annuity was designed to specifically offset any apprehension you might have had before making that investment.   Imagine knowing that you will always be able to take your vacations to far off exotic locations year after year and your vacations will be protected against unforeseen economic or personal calamities.   While at the same time, you will be saving for your future.  Sounds like the opposite of a rip-off or a scam to Martyn Ravenhill of Lloydshare.   Sounds like a marvelous investment!

Martyn Ravenhill Starts PVFAN to Promote Puerto Vallarta Tourism

Martyn Ravenhill Starts PVFAN to Promote Puerto Vallarta Tourism

Apr 05

Martyn Ravenhill, President & CEO of Lloydshare Limited, continues to support tourism in local communities. His recent project is the creation of an organization called PVFAN, which stands for Puerto Vallarta Foundation Against Negativity.

What’s so great about this organization? PVFAN is an organization that Martyn Ravenhill developed to help people outside of Mexico understand that Puerto Vallarta is both a safe and exciting place to visit.

“People often believe that newspapers and news programs on the television are telling accurate information, but in the case of Puerto Vallarta and the stories of it being unsafe, this is simply not true,” says Martyn Ravenhill.

So, if the news anchors are exaggerating and communicating false information, then who should people believe? The answer: Actual visitors and residents of the area who can talk about REAL experiences.

This is where PVFAN fits in. PVFAN encourages visitors, residents, and business owners to share their stories about what it’s really like to experience Puerto Vallarta. This can be done by participating in a Question & Answer article, a Video Interview, or by simply telling your story on the “PVFAN Comments” section of the website,

Martyn Ravenhill of Lloydshare Welcomes Appreciation Award

Martyn Ravenhill of Lloydshare Welcomes Appreciation Award

Mar 11

Martyn Ravenhill is the President and CEO of Lloydshare Limited and also has just recently obtained an Appreciation Award for his work by Maxwell Magazine. The prize highlights Mr. Ravenhill for being featured within the magazine throughout last year as being a highlighted Business Profile.

The prize was presented during Maxwell Magazine’s 3rd anniversary event in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Martyn Ravenhill had this to mention concerning the award:
“Recognition is as equally important as reward in my view, when the two are combined it really demonstrates something meaningful and special. I wish to thank everyone at Maxwell Magazine for their appreciation and continued success.”

Lloydshare has additionally gotten a ‘Best Developer Partner’ prize from Perspective Magazine for exceptional business procedures. They also keep growing in the market by providing many benefits, in addition to respect, to their associates.